Steadicam - The Beginning

Since meeting Clayton years ago and learning what a Steadicam is, I've always wanted to learn. Later, I scraped the cash together to buy my Glidecam HD2000.....and spend ages trying to learn it. Lots of mistakes. 

Fortunately, that was also the year I started working at Camp Imadene on Vancouver Island. The job? Chasing the campers around and putting together a highlights DVD each week. That summer alone I counted 1000 hours of handheld operation with it, and since then I've lost track. 

So when Trevor at Leaders Media talked to me about needing some form of professional stabilization, I jumped at the idea and invested in the Steadicam Pilot. Many modifications to come, but it's definitely a good start! 

My main concern was whether my Glidecam experience would carry over to the new system, and fortunately it seems that some has. The understanding of balancing the sled and using a feather grip transferred well, though it did take some time to learn the arm, and I am still practicing my posture! It is too easy to slouch and let the sled run away. 

Steadicam for Squarespace.jpeg