With varied positions on-set and in-field, Alsandair demonstrates a high level of understanding for all aspects of video production.

Originally having worked as a short film editor and later as a broadcast assistant editor, Alsandair now works in partnership with Leaders Media Inc. to provide live-editing services for speaker events, education seminars, training colleges, and more.

In the age of buttery-smooth images, stabilization is key.  

And with the rise of affordable electronic 3-axis stabilizers, it’s become a very easy feature to include, and while it is becoming easier to pick up a gimbal and get decent shots, they will only compensate so much.

Alsandair has accrued over 1000 hours with counter-weight based stabilizers including his Glidecam HD2000 and Steadicam Pilot. With these tools, he can provide extreme stabilization in a wide variety of circumstances without need for batteries, firmware updates, and other issues that arise from using highly software-based tools.

With the HD2000 and Pilot, he can accommodate payloads of up to 10lbs on short notice. If there is need for a heavier payload, he can also arrange for a larger Steadicam to accommodate larger cameras, heavier lenses, follow-focus units, wireless transmitters, and more.


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