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Alsandair Toms is a camera operator and live-editor living in Langley, BC. With a background in event videography and independent short films, he is familiar with many aspects of production, and adds this experience as value on your set.

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Filming an event is fairly straightforward, even with multiple cameras. Unfortunately, editing that same event can take nearly twice as much time, adding considerable cost. Working with Leaders Media Inc., Alsandair is able to live-switch between camera angles and prepared media such as slides and video to save up to 80% of the post-production time and cost. In addition, this live-switching can be made available to an event AV team for IMAG (Image Magnification) to ensure that all attendees can clearly see the action. In addition to live-events, Leaders Media and Alsandair are available to capture your course into a web-usable video course that can be for promotion, lead generation, or a purchasable product to viewers around the world.

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Camera Op 


Alsandair starting operating camera in 2013 for weekly DVD sales with a tripod, his trusty Glidecam HD2000, and a DSLR. Since then he has operated for short films, webseries, live-event capture, interviews, and promotional marketing. Recently he has incorporated Steadicam operation into his skillset and owns the Steadicam Pilot, servicing productions with cameras of medium and smaller sizes with a payload of 10lbs or less. With advance notice a larger model with a max payload of 25lbs can be made available.




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